About us

About Culham Construction Company
Headquartered in Tehran, Iran, was founded in 1976 to deliver construction services to the clients. Since then, Culham has successfully completed more than 33 projects and has become nationally recognized for heavy civil construction works. The Company's construction expertise spans a wide variety of services including water management & distribution facilities, transportation, power lines, buildings and mining. Culham's values are based on integrity, excellence, and commitment to all of its stakeholders and our vision is to constantly exceed clients' expectations. This is achieved by completion of projects on time or even ahead of time schedule, while strongly adhering to the safety of the work environment and the high quality of delivered work.


Culham has received many appreciation letters from the highest authorities of Iran, and has been chosen as "One of the Key Role Player Companies" in Dam Construction field and "One of the Sustainable Companies" in Construction & Energy Industry.


In order to keep up with modern standards of management, Culham has established the following systems:
1. Quality Assurance System: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001
2. H.S.E System
3. Integrated Inventory & Financial Management System
4. Machinery Total System
5. Knowledge Management
6.PMO (Planning Phase)

Culham Construction Company's Ranking

Culham's ranking based on the specifications of Management and planning Organization of Iran is as follows:

Grade 1 in water works including Dam Construction and related Structures, Water Transmission and Distribution Lines.
Grade 1 in Road Construction and Traffic Engineering.
Grade 1 in Installation and Equipment
Grade 1 in Geotechnical Investigations .
Grade 3 in Building
Grade 5 in Mining Industry
Grade 5 in Oil and Gass