OMAN - Fishery Harbour At Suwaiq


Consulting Engineers
Contract Date
Contract Sum

Major Activities & Quantities
Supply & Filling To Core Underlayer,
Toe Bern, Filter & Primary Armour
East Break Water Length
West Break Water Length
Fishery Quay Wall Length
Police Quay Wall Length
Concrete Works
Road & Pavement
Floating Pontoons

Suwaiq Harbour, Oman
Ministry Of Fisheries Wealth Sultanate Of Oman
Consulting Engineering Services (C.E.S)
20 Month
13,860,685 R.O
Namavaran AbSadd/Oman Branch (NASICO)- Culham

148,867 m3

609,375 m
992,975 m
110 m
110 m
535,000 m3
68,619 m3
114,520 m2
3 nos